03.2016 Poster ad

Sport 2000

On behalf of ‚Saint Elmo’ we illustrated a cheating javeliner for a poster ad of the sportswear retailer ‚Sport 2000‘.

01.2016 Uber lawsuit

Mother Jones Magazine

A single labor attorney is taking on the car-hire-giant ‚Uber‘. Therefor we used the events on the Tiananmen Square as a metaphor.

01.2016 Action comic


DDB assigned us to create a Comic for the Landeskriminalamt (Police) Hamburg about some guy who called the police when he saw a burglary and so became a hero. It’s just that simple.

12.2015 Characterdesign

Ferchau Aktuell

Check out this superhero spread illustration, that we created for the Ferchau customer magazine,  highlighting their IT Specialists. Featured are character designs for the entire team: Whity, The Evolutionary, Debugger, The Doc, RequireMan, Fahrenheit and Tool.

12.2015 Tierwohl magazine

Neues Handeln

For a magazine in a wide circulation called ‚Neues Handeln‘, which was an insert in some daily newspapers, we illustrated this double page spread about ways to improve the keeping of animals.

12.2015 Christmas Card


Ogilvy assigned us to illustrate a Christmas Card. featuring the Frankfurt Airport; their new Online shop; a Christmas tree; a bunch of presents; pixies… and laptop-toting Santa himself! 

12.2015 Christmas-present-tracking-app-animation


The advertiser Leo Burnett assigned us to illustrate a poster-ad and some animations for an app that you could use to track down presents hidden in the Swiss ‚Sihlcity‘ mall to win some high-grade prices.

12.2015 Society Quiz


At the end of the year the society rubric of the ‚Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung’ publishes a quiz about the people and events which happened in the former year. And again we illustrated those two pages. Although this years content is totally different to last years content we reused this text.

12.2015 X-Mas Tree


Which concern did well this year? Which one got chipped. Which one failed totally? And also it’s christmas.

11.2015 Helmut Schmidt

Spiegel Biografie

For the very first issue of Spiegel’s spin-off magazine ‚Spiegel Biografie‘ in honor of Helmut Schmidt we portrayed the former chancellor himself and the most important events in his life for the cover.

11.2015 Smart Cities

Die Zeit

The article in ‚Die Zeit‘ we illustrated is about the fully automated working, indeed smart cities of the future.

10.2015 CEO race


Germany has a bunch of foreign CEOs in the DAX-listed companies and most of them are doing pretty well.

10.2015 Switzerland Covers

Die Zeit

On occasion of the Swiss elections we created two cover illustrations that had been published in the Swiss issue of ‚Die Zeit’ only. One is about the big opening. and the other asked where Switzerland is heading to (below).

09.2015 One of us, none of us


Playboy’s rubric ‚One of us, none of us‘ is currently illustrated by us. Here you can see some examples.

09.2015 Crusader cover

Hörzu Wissen

This magazine-cover was made for the Science offshoot of the Hörzu magazine and features ‚The Truth about crusaders‘.

08.2015 Plane-car hybrids

Lufthansa Mag

By using only 4 colours we illustrated a 6 Pages feature story in the Lufthansa magazine featuring flying cars of the past, current ones and futuristic flying cars that has been seen in movies .

08.2015 Dramulett

Die Zeit Online

For the web portal of ‚Die Zeit’ we created an illo about an imaginary disputation between various philosophers (and a politician) themed the refugee crisis. Here you can read the article.

08.2015 Refugee cover


Our latest Handelsblatt-Cover about the refugee-crisis shows tents made of money in all of Germany. Some companies make billions with the poverty of the refugees.

08.2015 Oktoberfest 2015


For the sixth time now we illustrated Playboy’s Oktoberfest-Special. Again there are girls in ‚Dirndls‘, boys in ‚Lederhosen‘ and of course beer that needed to be illustrated.

08.2015 Einstein cover


It’s quiet a task to portray somebody, when there are only low quality black and white fotos in other age and with other facial expressions. But for PM magazine’s cover we tried our best anyway.

07.2015 Toads and frogs


As a symbolization for Europe’s debt we used frogs and toads to show that Greece’s share is actually not that big compared to whole of Europe or other European countries. We painted the cover and various additional frogs for the interior.

07.2015 A park becomes a town

Die Zeit

Switzerland is a very green country that gets more and more urban. The challenge is to keep the proportion in balance. This cover was published on the Swiss edition of the newspaper ‚Die Zeit‘.

07.2015 Suicidal Zeus


What Greece is currently doing is suicidal for Tsipras and for Greece’s economy. This cover illustration for the newspaper Handelsblatt remained unpublished.

07.2015 Hamster on vacation


The Hamster, a popular allegory for an employee, is going on vacation on this newspaper’s cover.

07.2015 Our latest illos

Die Zeit

Our latest illustrations in the newspaper ‚Die Zeit‘ are featuring the ‚Hybrid War‘, the possible effects of the Apple car for the German automobile industry and the redesign of the goddess Europe.

06.2015 Property


This issue of Handelsblatt shows where in Germany to find rewarding real estate and an illustration created by us on the cover.

06.2015 Game of Greece

Die Zeit

Our latest comic for the newspaper ‚Die Zeit‘ shows the episodes of the Greece crisis using the example of Game of Thrones.

06.2015 Lecturers


Germany’s lecturers get nothing but temporary employments with low wages nowadays. The text on the board says „Lecturer looking for unlimited job“.

06.2015 Ice floe

Die Zeit

‚The borders of human nature‘ is the headline in this self-explanatory ‚Die Zeit’ Cover-illustration.

06.2015 Germany ahead


This map of Europe about Germany’s economic power was created as a Handelsblatt-cover and ended up in the interior.

06.2015 Azerbaijan

Die Zeit

We’ve drawn a series of illustrations that was cancelled along the way about the BP concern’s doings in Azerbaijan after the war. We don’t want to deprive at least this panel of you.

06.2015 The Clueless Seven


The Group of Seven is bothering about a lot of things. But will there be any solutions? This popular Handelsblatt-Cover was a lot of fun.

05.2015 Adidas


Adidas CEO Herbert Hainer was portrayed for the economy section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung as a drawing and as a painting at the same time. We also integrated the brand.

05.2015 Putin vs. Europe


In the current issue of Cicero once again Putin’s attempts to dominate the world is depicted. Therefor we contributed this illustration. The article’s author says that in Putin’s comprehension most of Europe is a part of russia or the USSR anyway.

05.2015 CDU Joint

Die Zeit

Even the conservative party CDU is thinking about legalizing marihuana. Which don’t really bother us – but this illo we made for ‚Die Zeit‘ is too small to show it in the actual gallery and too nice not to show it at all.

05.2015 Chess CEOs


‚The hour of the strategists’ is the headline in this cover illustration for the newspaper Handelsblatt. And again we portrayed CEOs that aren’t made of flesh and blood.

04.2015 Book covers


Our latest Science Fiction book covers are featuring the devil, another devil and an alien assault team.

04.2015 Cover and Interior

Ferchau Aktuell

For the customer magazine of Ferchau we created a portrait of Prof. Miachael Decker and the cover itself. As you can see the entire issue is about robotics.

03.2015 Storyboards


For Jung von Matt we painted these very precise Storyboards used for the latest ‚Adelholzener’ -Spot, featuring soccer- champion Phillip Lahm as liquid player, you might have seen on TV.

01.2015 Poster campaign

Pall Mall

Geometry Global assigned us to illustrate some very precise and realistic key-visuals for a Pall Mall Poster campaign.

01.2015 Freedom of Opinion

Die Zeit

On the occasion of the French terror attacks ‚Die Zeit‘ asked us to illustrate our very own opinion to the freedom of opinion. And here he is, our self-explanatory saint. He can take it.

02.2015 Key Visual


On behalf of DDB we illustrated this key-visual in a short amount of time for the current Telekom-Spot you might have seen in TV lately.

01.2015 Purchasable Artwork

Buy it!

We like how this project about the NASA Band for the Lufthansa Magazine came out. Which reminds me, if you’d like to own a lithographie of one of our illustrations just drop us a line to info[at]dainz.net with your desired format and your homeland and we’ll tell you about the costs. This one for example would make a nice Din A1 poster, don’t you think?

01.2015 Merkel’s Flaw


It seems like no one even cares about the mistakes Merkel did in her previous government. We illustrated her as almighty savior for the introducing double page spread and continued this series exposing the damage she has caused on another onepager in the latest issue of Cicero.

01.2015 Zlatan


The soccer magazine ‚four four two’ assigned us to illustrate the best goals of the Swedish Superstar Zlatan Ibrahimović in our comic style. Therefor we accomplished some very nice and dynamic images.

12.2014 Udo Jürgens

BZ am Sonntag

Berlins newspaper BZ published an obituary for pop singer Udo Jürgens who died in December 2014 at the age of 80 featuring our moody illo.

12.2014 Bush in court

Die Zeit

What if George Bush could be held responsible in court for his doings in office? Illustration for the politics-section of ‚Die Zeit’.

12.2014 Quiz


At the end of the year the society rubric of the ‚Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung’ publishes a quiz about the people and events which happened in the former year. And again we’ve illustrated those two pages.

12.2014 Santa Vs. Merkel


We have drawn some funny covers for the weekend issue of Handelsblatt in the pre-Christmas period. Unfortunately they haven’t had the heart to print it in the end. But by clicking here you can take a look at it anyway.

12.2014 Seth Klarman

Manager Magazin Portfolio

For the issue #0 of the upcoming ‚Manager Magazin Portfolio’ we illustrated this cover. All we got as a sample of the portrayed hedge fund manager Seth Klarman was a tiny Black and White Foto.

12.2014 Humorous Prospects

Euro am Sonntag

The newspaper Euro am Sonntag assigned us to illustrate what is going to happen in 2015. And it was real fun to do so. For example Bernd Lucke is selling Gold at the train station – I am sure this forecast is true.

11.2014 Movie Posters

Die Zeit

The newspaper Die Zeit wanted to show Hamburg’s local dramas as old musical or movie posters on the local pages. Our 60s Comics style (at least that’s how we call it) was a good fit.

11.2014 RTA Cover


This one turned out to be one of our favorite covers so far. Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag assigned us to illustrate a book cover for a new young people’s literature series called ‘RTA – Recon Team Angel’. The first edition, called ‘Angriff’ featuring our wraparoundcover is now available in every German bookshop.

11.2014 Various Onepagers


In the lad mag we illustrated an article about a zombie night club, about the problems of promiscuity and we continued our series of Max getting laid in the mansion and on a tuning exhibition.

11.2014 Aldi Clan Cover

Manager Magazin

The family Aldi, the relatives of the supermarket-founders live in total anonymity. Although there is one tiny low res group-pic taken in the 90ies, which was the only sample for this Manager Magazin Cover. In fact, it is mostly made up.

11.2014 New Covers

Die Zeit

For DZ we painted some covers about the paradise, a pig, the plans of another pig and aurora borealis.

10.2014 Cross section


The advertising agency Panama assigned us to illustrate Thyssen’s repertoire on the example of an office building for a brochure.

10.2014 Samwer Brothers

Manager Magazin

The Samwer Brothers, Marc, Oliver and Alexander, from left to right, owe a couple of companies like ‘Zalando’ or ‘Rocket Internet’. Now they will go public with at least one of their brands.

10.2014 Economy-section Illos

Die Zeit

our latest economy illustrations in DZ are featuring coffee with aftertaste, frozen babies, beastly cars, bad weather and a lot of money.

10.2014 Kafka Cover

Der Spiegel

We have been assigned to illustrate the young Franz Kafka in the Goldmachergasse, Prague. The challenge was to paint him in full color even though there are only really bad, a hundred years old photos of him that can be used as samples.

09.2014 Denk Ich an Deutschland


Twelve pictures illustrated the entire ‘Denk ich an Deutschland’ book published in the newspaper ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine’ and at the Alfred Herrhausen conference of the same name. This series of illos about the digital future, made of no more than four colors in a very rough style was very popular with the viewers.

08.2014 Too Much

TV Spielfilm

we used a nice color palette to show that there are too much possibilities to watch TV.

07.2014 Paul Smith


We thought it would be nice to use Paul Smith’ line texture for his portrait in GQ.

07.2014 Putin, Merkel and Obama

Der Spiegel

We made a beautiful cover for ‘Der Spiegel’ about the current relationship of Russia , the United States and Germany. Unfortunately the editorship changed the cover theme last minute and printed a photo of Jogi Löw.

07.2014 TTIP


This little series of illos about the ‘TTIP’, the ‘Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership’ is to be found in this month’ issue of Cicero.

07.2014 Soccer


We illustrated various soccer illos for Playboy: Pep Guardiola and ‘Bayern München’, Hermann Gerland and the bet mob (below) in the latest issue.

07.2014 Koch Brothers

Mother Jones Magazine

We illustrated Koch vs. Koch for the lead article in MoJo. This family has a long history of fighting each other.

06.2014 Berenberg Bank

Manager Magazin

The venerable Berenberg Bank, Germany’s oldest private bank, got some risky investments going on lately, just like the next Lehman Brothers. That’s why we showed the partners as some hard boiled ‘Wall Street’ movie styled brokers for another Double Page Spread of the German ‘Manager Magazin’.

06.2014 Last Summer of Rock


We illustrated the last Summer of Rock ‘n’ Roll,featuring Ozzy, Mick and Patti, for the cover of the current issue of Cicero magazine.

06.2014 Magazine Cover


For the Mainframe edition of IBM’s magazine we illustrated the cover showing some youngsters who made the mainframe possible in the first place.

05.2014 Spielberg Portrait


Our full page illustration for Variety accompanies an article about the one-way success of the partnership between Steven Spielberg’s DreamWorks and the Indian entertainment company, Reliance.

04.2014 Startups Comic


For the chemistry enterprise Evonik, we conceived and drew a 6 paged comic about the most important foundations in various eras. For example we had the founding of Karthago in the Bronze Age, several ancient cultures, DaVinci’s accomplishments in the renaissance, industrialisation in the victorian age and the founding of apple computers in the modern era. This comic named ‘The Wonderful World of Startups’ was published in the Evonik magazine.

04.2014 Putin's Masterplan


We used stark grayscale and blood red to illustrate a 10-page feature on Vladimir Putin and his attempts at world domination for this month’s issue of Cicero magazine.

04.2014 Game of Thrones

Courrier International

Courrier International published an extensive line of articles related to “Game of Thrones.” Therefor we illustrated the author, geopolitics and the phenomenon.

04.2014 New Paintings

Die Zeit Economy

For the latest illustrations about the new internet, golden windmills and the returnmania in die Zeit’s economy section we got to design the entire page and this turned out pretty well if you ask us.

03.2014 New Covers

for Die Zeit

Our latest coverimages illustrates the forger of the century (below), the Edathy affair, Russia’s world domination plans (below) and Switzerland’s new immigration policy.

03.2014 Double page spreads

in Cicero and Manager Magazin

We really enjoy creating magazine double page spreads. Lately we illustrated the middle class for Cicero and powerful women for Manager Magazin.

03.2014 Portraits

Men’s Health

For the latest issues of the American Men’s Health we illustrated the portraits of the advisor pages.

01.2014 Series of Illustrations


Our series of One-pager-Illustrations about the playboy editor we call ‘Max tries to get laid’ continuous. The newest ones shows ‘Max in the pedestrian area‘ hitting on 100 women and him infiltrating the stripper-group ‘Chippendales’.

12.2013 Economy Comic

Die Zeit

The Astonishing Tales Of The Time Travelling Woman‘ we called the comic about Angela Merkel visiting histories greatest economists, which we illustrated for the year-end closing issue of ‘Die Zeit’. 11 comic pages build the entire economy section.

12.2013 Soccer


In this weeks ‘Stern’ issue we have a pretty cool Onepager – comic about the soccer club Bayern München titled ‘salvation’.

12.2013 Spot Color

Cicero Cover

For this month’s Cicero cover about the winners and losers of 2013 we used a neon spot color, which turned out to work just fine. We also illustrated some more ups and downs for the inside of the magazine.

12.2013 Batman Cover

What’s On Dubai

We finally got to draw Batman. Dubai’s entertainment magazine dedicated the december cover to the International Film Festival. Therefore the cover we illustrated shows Batman in Dubai.

12.2013 The Future


On the other side of the world, you can now see our illustrations about the future in the ‘Think Ahead’ exhibition at Scienceworks in Melbourne.

11.2013 TV-Shows


Big fun was this project for the online TV-provider Magine. We got to illustrate some of the coolest present and past TV-shows.

11.2013 Magazine Illustration

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung

For the ‘Konrad Adenauer Stiftung’ we illustrated an entire issue of their magazine called ‘Die Politische Meinung’ including the Cover and four double-page spread illustrations.

11.2013 Two Awards

15. European Newspaper Award

These two Die Zeit Illos we made received an award respectively.

10.2013 Commercials

Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken

We illustrated several weird images about some peoples histories for 3×3 meters huge canvases which are the basis for four Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken TV- commercials currently running in German Television.

10.2013 New style, new client

The Wall Street Journal

For The Wall Street Journal we developed a new style on the subject ‘Pulp’. It looks pretty rough and sketchy however it fits very precise contents. Let’s see where this new way of drawing is taking us to

10.2013 A bunch of covers

Die Zeit

Every now and then we were assigned to illustrate the Die Zeit cover. In the past months we have been working on the covers more frequently. We developed own ideas, we illustrated the editors ideas and we even did some photo retouching. We are very proud of the results.

09.2013 Portrait

Featured in Expose 11

The book series ‘Expose’ is featuring the world’s best Digital Artists. We are represented in the current issue with what we do best: Portraits.

08.2013 Red Dot Award


The ‘zwei’ issue featuring 18 Full Pages of our realistic, digital painted illustrations about the future was honored with the Red Dot Award.

07.2013 Cover and Feature


We illustrated this month’s Cicero magazine, creating the cover, a double-page spread and four additional images on the topic of “The New Status Symbols.”

06.2013 Variant Covers and Feature

11 Freunde

This month on the newsstands you can choose 1 of 4 ’11 Freunde’ covers created by us featuring the season’s best coach, the best player, the best manager and the best guy in soccer. Our illustrations continue in the magazine inside as well.

06.2013 41 Illos

Cicero Special

You get to make a single illo very often, sometimes even three or five per issue. We created a total of 41 illustrations for the first Cicero Special Edition about the Bundestag elections. Sixteen images illustrate the German states; twenty-two symbolize electoral wards, all in addition to a full page, plus the two covers. Record.

03.2013 Editorial Illos

Courrier International

Some of our ‘Die Zeit’ illos about movie pirates have been republished in ‘Courrier International’. We also made some pretty cool additional portraits for it.

12.2012 Cacao for Christmas


For the automobile manufacturer Audi we illustrated a booklet about cacao using cacao. Audi drivers got it for the holidays with a package of cacao. Did I mentioned cacao?

12.2012 Cover and Feature


The German Ministry of Defence has it’s own magazine called ‘Y’. We made the cover of this month’s issue as well as three onepagers for the feature story on topic camaraderie in our realistic Digital Painting style. Enjoy.

10.2012 Ernst Schneider Award 2012

We won it

For our seven pages Comic ‘Der Superknall – fünf Jahre Krise‘, published in ‘Die Zeit’ we won the Ernst Schneider Award 2012 of the IHK in the category ‘innovation’. We devised, scripted, designed and illustrated these seven pages based on a summary of the editors of Die Zeit economy staff, who received the award, too. The Ernst Schneider Award is the most eligible German journalists award for economy. Thanks a lot. We are very proud.

09.2012 Rungholt

Fas Doublepage

In the North Sea lies the sunken town ‘Rungholt’. The unholy citizens are cursed to a life of boredom. They say when you are above it on a Sunday, in a flying saucer or riding a unicorn or yeti or something, you can hear the church bell ringing. We illustrated this huge double page for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.